Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anchor Counselling an emergency service?

No, Anchor Counselling is not an emergency service, if you feel distressed and need immediate care we have compiled a list of emergency service information and contact details.

Does Anchor Counselling provide out of hours appointments?

Yes, Anchor Counselling has weekend and evening availability for appointments but often these are in high demand and are limited.

Can I reschedule appointments or go on holiday during my sessions?

You can reschedule up to two sessions without losing the session if you give us two days notice.  If it is a late cancel (less than two days), we will reschedule the appointment but you may lose the session.  If you do not show (called a ‘did not attend’ for two sessions, your counselling ends and to access support you would need to re-refer.

If you are going on holiday, please let your counsellor know the dates you will be away as soon as possible.  You will not lose the sessions missed during your holiday.

Can I bring my child / children?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children in counselling sessions as it is not ethical practice. You will need to make alternative child care arrangements. Exceptions may be made for newly born children under one year of age.

What happens if I miss an appointment due to unforeseen circumstances?

Please discuss this with your therapist. Clients are usually able to miss a maximum of two appointments due to unforeseen circumstances.  

English is not my first language, will this be a problem?

Anchor Counselling aims to provide treatment for everyone and we have multilingual counsellors.  In some cases we can also provide interpreters.

Are Anchor Counselling staff professionally trained?

Yes, all of our counsellors are experienced therapists and accredited with UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and/or BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited.  This means they have undergone a minimum number of years training, experienced personal therapy themselves and been providing counselling and psychotherapy services for at least two years. They meet the required professional training and qualification standards to provide psychotherapy and counselling.

Am I guaranteed to get treatment with Anchor Counselling?

It is not guaranteed that Anchor Counselling will provide your treatment. Clients presenting with complex difficulties or mental health disorders may be referred to the NHS for more suitable support.

Are treatment locations accessible?

All our treatment centres are mostly located a short distance away from train stations and bus stops. For more information on how to find our locations visit our locations page.

Do I have to pay for treatment at Anchor Counselling?

No, all our treatments are completely free. It is part of our mission to provide free high quality and accessible mental health care for those who may not be able to afford it.

What happens if I cancel – do I lose the session?

Appointments are generally arranged for the same time on the same day weekly to optimise the benefits to you. If you know you will have to cancel you should give us two days notice so we can reschedule your session for a later date.  If you don’t attend without informing us (DNA) you will lose the session and it will not be replaced. If you DNA twice we will discharge you from the service.

What happens if I work shifts?

We can be flexible if you work shifts and it will be between you and your counsellor to agree dates and times that fit your work pattern.  We also offer phone/zoom counselling.

How many sessions will I have?

Depending on the reason for your referral you usually have six sessions. Therapists have discretion to offer more depending on the circumstances. These are usually spaced weekly, i.e. over 6 weeks at the same time and on the same day every week.

How long does each counselling session last?

A counselling session lasts up to 50 minutes – no preparation is needed unless you have been sent a form to fill out before coming to your first session.  The counsellor will end the session at 50 minutes even if you have arrived late. At the start and end of counselling you are required to complete some forms asking you how you feel. This is anonymous. We do this to collect data that helps us obtain funds and keep the service going.

How long do I have to wait for a first appointment?

Our wait-lists are not long – it may be between a few days and a couple of weeks, also depending on your flexibility for appointments. The more flexible you can be the quicker we can see you for a first appointment.

How do I access Anchor Counselling?

If you are registered to a GP in the Hounslow Borough, you can access counselling at Anchor via two routes.  Either go and see your GP and ask for a referral to Anchor or you can self-refer at Hounslow IAPT self-referral.

How to get in touch

You can contact Anchor counselling by telephone: 020 8867 7660 or by email:

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