“Our clients come from all walks of life – culture, religion, race, sex, gender and age. We work in an inclusive way to ensure that the thousands of people we see receive the best possible care to help them gain the resilience, clarity and confidence to better their wellbeing.

“When counselling ends, we ask clients for feedback. Consistently, they commend and recommend our services, often feeling that their lives have been transformed by the experience.”

“Many clients had not experienced counselling before and were amazed and relieved at what a positive difference it made.”

“I had a good experience of your service. My counsellor was professional and helped me with her patience and understanding to understand myself. I feel after 6 weeks so much better and happy.”

“I had a very difficult time in some very personal issues which thanks to the counsellor helped me to get through”

“Counselling gave me a different point of view to understand and helped me be able to cope and continue in life. I would like to say thank you to her for all her help and efforts.”

“The treatment that I receive was tailored to my needs and met them perfectly. I would recommend this service and most definitely this therapist.”

“I liked the type of counselling I received – receiving advice and not only being listened to.”

“I found it very helpful at a very difficult time in my life. I have been able to regain my self-confidence and have been able to make lifestyle changes.”

“I felt calm, safe and understood – counselling was a great support”

“My counsellor was kind, patient and considerate. He made me realize my strengths and made me believe that I can do it and pursue my dreams.”

“The support provided by my counsellor during the session proved invaluable. She helped me to better understand the overwhelming emotions I have experienced and life style changes I’ve had to deal with since the sudden bereavement.”

“My counsellor has been wonderful. She listened to me attentively with a great deal of compassion. I would highly recommend her.”

“It was a fantastic experience because when I came here I was so much depressed and had lots of negative thoughts but with my counsellor’s help I would say I can look forward and think more positively about life.”

“I have found my therapist to be most insightful and has helped me to focus on my core needs, enabling me to be more accurate in self-reflection. It is most useful.”

“My counsellor was very understanding. I felt quite comfortable with her. She explained things and broke them down for me to understand easily.”

“Very helpful and understanding. I am very satisfied with how my counsellor helped me.”

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