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As a social enterprise working in the area of mental health we have a lot to offer you as a partner. Anchor Counselling is keen to build partnerships with the business community, whether it be through:

  • Entering into a service delivery partnership
  • Sharing skills and building the capability of your organisation and ours;
  • Corporate sponsorship;
  • Using our services for business

In the first instance contact our CEO Jacqueline McCouat to see what we can do to help your business. Also keep up with the latest news by following us on Twitter.

Services for Business

As an established provider of Employment Assistance Programmes (EAP) to companies in the public and private sector throughout London. Our counselling services are designed to help your organisation put in place a programme that enables your employees to resolve personal or work-related issues that are having an impact on their work. Employers have a duty of care for employees and this programme will achieve that for you and also provide a work environment that is more productive. You already know that stress related illness is widely reported to be a major cause of work absenteeism in the UK. Left unchecked this can be destructive for your staff and business. Looking after your employees will in turn look after your business!

Taking care of your workforce – safeguarding your company’s future

Statistics and surveys consistently show that when counselling is provided through the workplace it reduces employee absence levels. Many large companies routinely provide a counselling facility as part of an EAP programme; indeed it is becoming best practice to provide access to a counsellor for all employers. However in a world where budgets are continuously under pressure, the upfront and on-going charges associated with an EAP program can be prohibitive for many small to medium sized companies. If this sounds familiar then we believe we can help. The EAP offers your staff the opportunity to access counselling services that they might not otherwise be able to or may have had to wait considerable lengths of time to access through the NHS. Anchor’s team of experienced therapists is trained to a high level with a range of specialist skills. With this experience we can address the range of issues commonly affecting staff at work or in their home lives staff, such as stress, anxiety, depression, marital problems, bereavement, and health-related issues.

Why Counselling?

Employees are sometimes reluctant to confide in their employer. Supportive as you may be, they may be fearful of the outcome. The underlying difficulties can therefore get pushed underground, yet they ‘leak out’ in many ways, such as changes in their attitude or behaviour.

Being offered independent CONFIDENTIAL counselling can be a huge relief. It provides an opportunity to explore what is happening and reflect upon their (often unaware) input. Because it is confidential, impartial and objective it can allow the individual to see the bigger picture.

Feeling understood and valued by their employer is crucial. The offer of external, private support is often experienced as such. Most companies offer their employee up to 6 weekly sessions of counselling. Whilst we recognise that finances may be tight right now, the concern for your employees welfare can be of great value to your business.

What we Offer

We offer up to six sessions of face-to-face counselling in West London, in an independent, confidential environment. Our corporate package will not require any up front or hidden costs, as you will only pay for the sessions you have agreed to which means that you only pay for the sessions your employees book. We believe that our service will allow any company the benefit of offering high quality counselling to their employees in complete confidentiality at a price they can afford. Packages can include: assessment, final report and flexible appointment times are available to suit both employer and employee.

For more information about how this service may work for you or for an informal discussion, please contact our CEO Jacqueline McCouat on 020 8867 7660